Phone Tracker for iPhones (Track people with GPS) App Reviews

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Why even bother

PIECE of $&@%# dont download it worthless!

I like this app

Very good.

Hate it

Had another tracking app a few years ago that worked well. This one does not work well, and it eats up battery.


Not a joke. Not a fake review. This app actually worked for my iPhone after automatically downloading since I had it on my last iPhone. Im on vacation in Chicago from Florida. Someone stole my phone at a hotel and the compass on the app lead me DIRECTLY to the person who had it. We got security to help and got it back. This app is a life-saver.

Stops tracking all the time

Stops tracking all the time. I have to keep asking them to update turn the tracker back on which is not helpful

Possible spyware?

I didnt like it. I removed it. The icon is still there and wont go away!

Great tracking app!

Love using this app! Its very helpful, accurate and reliable.

Phone tracking

Sorry this no good. Pls remove in my phone. I. find other one much better have a good day

Great app!

Out of all the ones out there that Ive tried, this one is easiest to use and keep track of. Definitely recommend! Love using it with my kids.

Great App!

Great little app for free. Can follow three people through GPS, updating location every 10 minutes. Locations are quite precise! Fun!

Free app

The app does not update every 10 minutes as selected in the settings. Not sure how to feel about the app.

Wont work get another

Such trash ... wont let us add each other. Will be deleting after writing this review

Great... But were still new for each other

Great... But were still new for each other

Works well, looks great, makes sense

Love this app. It works perfectly, is easy to use and customize and it displays location and movement in a way that really makes sense.

Nice app!!!

My family finds this app very helpful. Even the kids do!

A nice extension of GPS capability

Useful on a daily basis.

Very helpful app

I work independently and drive all day and visit people I do not know in their personal homes This apps helps me to feel safe because someone always knows where I have been in case anything ever happened to me.

Great app!

Super easy to use.


Crashes and freezes right after entering activation code. Delete the app and try again...same result.


Pop up comes up and asks if I want to upgrade to better version but when I try to click yes or no, nothing happens and it is frozen! Deleting this app as fast as I downloaded it!

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