Phone Tracker for iPhones (Track people with GPS) App Reviews

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Very good

Very good


Invasion of privacy and constantly crashes! Not even worth the free download! DO NOT GET.


Worst free ap ever !!


Very practice tools to fowllow up my sales peoples

Really good

You should get it


Very good

Tracker lite

Love this app


Nice app although a little long with the registration code (etc.). I think it would be better without some security info.

Phone tracker for iPhone

Terrible. Not worth the .99 cents I spent. Kills batteries super fast.


Total POS do waste your money on this crap doesnt work

Terrible App

Great concept, especially for tracking my salesmen, but it only works 1/3 the time. Very inconsistent and not reliable in any way. DO NOT rely on this app in a professional setting.

Doesnt Flippin work

Cute idea, if it worked it might be fun, its junk. Also No direct Help, just a useless FAQ

Low batt

With charger on, he drain the battery also..


Easy to use. Simple. No concerns.

This is not a spy app

This is not a spy app. It will not allow you to clandestinely see where your lover, or a husband is, while he claims he is at work. You can see only other iPhone users if they installed the same up on their iPhones and granted you a permission. In this case they can see you just the same as you can see them. Good luck spying.

Love it

Pretty much amazing how accurate it is and how easy it is to use excellent job


Its ok but, u start following a stranger and it tells u how on the FAQs but I doesnt work.


Free version is terrible. It doesnt update every 10 minutes. It updates every 40min more like and if that


The app requires the tracker to have the permission of the person being tracked


This app is awful it requires you to make an account first but the process of it does not work at all. It always says an error has occurred please try again later.

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